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Have you ever found yourself in a social setting where you weren’t really sure how to behave? Maybe at a fancy dinner or a professional meeting? Do you ever wish there had been a class to take as a kid, where you would have learned some skills to help you know how to behave in any situation? I had that as a teenager. An extension educator from Murray County (Oklahoma) offered etiquette workshops at our 4-H state meeting when I was a young teen and then the educator in my home county offered a more in depth version when I was an older teen. I took three different etiquette workshops and it really helped me in college and as a young adult to feel confident in new social situations.

As a member of the Rose State College President’s Leadership Class, I had regular meetings with the president of the college and holiday dinners with the Board of Regents. While I wasn’t sure I could hold an interesting conversation with them, I was confident I could share a meal and not embarrass myself! I credit every bit of that confidence to the etiquette workshop that I had the opportunities to attend as a teenager.

I am offering a similar workshop this summer in Chandler for teens! We are going to do an all-day etiquette workshop on July 14 (9-5) and teach kids the skills they will need to feel confident when they have their new social engagements. This confidence can and will spill over into other areas in their lives. And maybe, just maybe they will start behaving better at your home dinner table!

The cost of the workshop is $17 per student to cover the supplies/food. This workshop includes a 4 course dinner.