Foodie Friday: January 2018 Menu

It’s time for the January menu. Whaaaat? It’s already the last Friday of 2017. In a few days we’ll all be writing the wrong year on our documents and chuckling about it. When they time comes, we are going to be eating some really good food. If it is your New Year’s Resolution to eat better and/or lose weight, you may need to adjust this menu. But you may not. Eating smaller portions can help you achieve your goal without you having to resign yourself to dry salads for every meal.

As always, you can find the recipes on my January 2018 Menu Pinterest board.

January 2018 Menu

January 2018 Menu


New Year’s Resolutions

Here we are, two days past Christmas and what are people thinking about? Probably the amount of money they spent, the amount of junk food they ate and what they plan to do differently in the coming year. Two of the most common, time-tested New Year’s resolutions are to lose weight and to do better with money. Unfortunately, most of these resolutions go out the window before we ever see February.

To help you stick to your resolutions, try these three tips:

  1. Start small. If your goal is to lose weight, don’t tell yourself you’re going to lose 50 pounds in just two or three months. You’ll likely get frustrated if your results don’t happen fast enough.Instead, try setting a goal to stick to a calorie count and work out 1-3 times per week in January, then set a new goal for February.
  2. Don’t give up if you mess up. If you take a week or two off from your workout routine and maybe have a stressful week that resulted in a fast-food binge, don’t give up on the whole thing. Simply restart right where you are.
  3. Have a reason. If it is your goal to get out of debt, know why it is that you want to do that. Just having more money won’t be enough of a reason to keep you motivated. But, having more money to save for a new house might be enough to help you accomplish your goal.

Foodie Friday: December Menu

Can you believe it is already time to do the December menu? I have young children, so I know all too well the days are long and the years are short. November was good to me. I finished my master’s thesis and passed my oral defense. I spent lots of time with family and I completed all the requirements for my master’s degree in nutritional sciences! I am ready for December, though because I love the Christmas season and the magic that it brings to my home. I remember loving Christmas as a young child, then feeling disappointed by Christmas in my teens and early adult years…. but having children of my own has elevated Christmas to a whole new level! I try to keep things simple with my kids, mostly because I want to enjoy it too, but I absolutely adore the sparkle in their eyes when they see Christmas lights and Christmas trees!

Anyway, we also gotta eat in December, so here’s my menu:

December 2017 Menu

December 2017 Menu

Please find the recipe collection on my December 2017 Menu Pinterest board!

Happy holidays!! Happy eating!

Season of Thankfulness: Spend time

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If you are thankful for your people, let them know by spending time with them. It may be your actual family, your in-laws, or your closest friends who have become like family. No matter who your tribe is, spend your time with them. If you have a relative or close family friend who is getting on in years, make it a priority to visit during the Thanksgiving weekend.

That’s all I’m going to say about that.

QuickTip Tuesday: Christmas Decorating

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I know a lot of people decorate for Christmas early and a lot of people (like my husband) are “after Thanksgiving” purists. If you are the latter, I suggest you soften a bit. Getting an earlier start on holiday decorating means you can spread the chore out over a week or two, making it more fun and less stressful!

I like to put up the tree, fluff it out (because it’s artificial) and put on the lights. Then I need a break. I may put the ornaments on in the next couple days and take another break. I put up garland around my living room door frames a day or two after the tree is decorated, and I set up a nice display of other holiday decor on the top of my china cabinet. If I were to try to do this all in one day, I would be exhausted and crabby!

Then there are the outdoor decorations. Do you put lights on your house? This week we are having some mild afternoons. It’s going to be a little windy, but not too cold to be up on the roof. Those “after Thanksgiving purists” might be pretty cold if they wait another week!