Foodie Friday: April Menu

March brought my family a lot of really good food! I ate at Zoe’s Mediterranean Kitchen back in February and fell in love with their chicken kabobs and I had to learn how to make them, so in March, Amelia and I made chicken souvlaki. Sophie helped me make tzatziki sauce. Both recipes were surprisingly easy and tasted very similar to the restaurant version. Success! I served these with roasted vegetables (just whatever I had in my fridge) and cauliflower rice. The cauliflower rice was a first for our family and it was received with lukewarm enthusiasm. March also brought us some new challenges with grocery shopping, that the whole country is currently working through. Feel free to comment with your own grocery shopping tips and tricks to stay safe. Luckily, the Wal-Mart here in Chandler launched grocery pick-up right before the pandemic found us. Unfortunately, everyone is using it so getting a convenient time-slot is difficult.

I am excited to be switching from soups to salads on Mondays because that means Spring is finally here! We will also be grilling quite a bit and I hope to be sharing some cooking/grilling videos with you in the very near future.

Here is the April menu. Enjoy!

April 2020 Menu

April Menu Pinterest Board (where you can find some recipes)

April 2020 Menu

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