Shared Parenting After Divorce

captureDid you know that in the United States, 75% of children from divorced parents live with their mother full time? Whether the children are living with a mother or a father after divorce, that parent shoulders quite a large expense, both economically and personally. The parents who have full-custody of children are more likely to:

  • stay single longer.
  • have a much lower standard of living (approximately 50% lower) even with child support.
  • have difficulties at work, obtaining promotions due to parental responsibilities.
  • have children who resent them for “keeping them from their other parent,” whether that is true or not.

Single parenthood also affects a parent’s ability to parent their children effectively. They are stressed, tired, overworked…. the list goes on.

If you are divorced or are going through a divorce with children in the mix, it is important for everyone to aim for shared parental responsibility with each parent doing as close to 50% of the parenting as possible. This is better for the parents and the kids. Kids NEED to have access to both of their parents. They deserve to have a solid relationship with both mom and dad. And the time spent with the kids should be spent trying to build and strengthen the family relationship, not just having fun with little bonding time.

Co-parenting is hard. We can help! I teach a Co-Parenting class every other month in Chandler, OK. Call the office (405-258-0560)  to ask about it, or visit our Co-Parenting website!

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