Back to School Meal Planning

If you’ve read my blog more than once, you know I love meal planning. I personally plan my dinners for a month at a time. I grocery shop once a week. I do not have storage in my house for food for a full month. I share my monthly meal plans with the intention of my readers using them. I do not expect anyone to print out my monthly menu and use it exactly as I have it written (although I wouldn’t be mad if you did), but I envision people printing it out or reading through it for inspiration for  their own meal plans. I realize that there are few people out there who meal plan as consistently as I do. I have not even convinced my twin sister to meal plan… BUT I want to convince you. Let me tell you what will happen when you start meal planning.

  • You will never again stand in front of an open refrigerator wondering what you will/should/could cook for dinner tonight.
  • You will save time at the grocery store.
  • Your family (assuming they can read) will never again have to ask you what’s for dinner because they can simply look at your written meal plan.
  • You could save money on groceries because you aren’t wandering around the store trying to decide what to cook for dinner that week.
    • Side bar — I have read that the average shopper will spend $1.70 every extra MINUTE they are in the grocery store!
  • If you plan your meals right, you will start to eat healthier. If you plan to serve a side salad and vegetable with every meal, and you buy the salads and veggies, you are far more likely to actually eat them then if you hadn’t planned or purchased them.

And back to school season is the perfect time to get started! Why is the perfect time? Because it’s now!

I also found this youtube video with some meal planning tips from another meal planning mom. I hope you like it!


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