Meal Planning

I have been sharing my meal plans with my readers for 2.5 years now and I have recently gotten some questions about it. If you are wanting to start menu planning for 2018, here is how I do it:

  • I have a formula. Whether you are planning for 1 week, 2 weeks or the month, it helps to have a formula. You can use mine or come up with your own. My formula is this: Sunday- big meal that will guarantee leftovers of the main dish, Monday- Salads in warm months and soups in cold months, Tuesday- Re-do the leftovers from Sunday into something new, Wednesday- slow cooker meal, Thursday- leftovers and dessert, Friday- breakfast for dinner, and Saturday- something fun like burgers or pizza.
  • I plan my meals for a full month, but I grocery shop once a week. Again, you’ll want to make this work for you. I don’t have a very big refrigerator or pantry, so shopping for the full month would be a nightmare for me. I take my full month’s- menu and create a shopping list every Friday. Either I or my husband will do the shopping on Friday afternoon or Saturday morning. In addition to my meals, I almost always buy milk, eggs, bread, lunch meat, juice boxes, fruit and something quick and easy for the week’s breakfasts.
  • I try to stay flexible. Sometimes things come up and I can’t do the meal I had planned. No big deal. I have a week’s worth of meal components and I will occasionally switch things around for convenience. Not everything can be predicted.

I hope this is helpful to you and I encourage you to start your own meal planning strategy. It has really made dinner time a breeze for me.


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