QuickTip Tuesday: Christmas Decorating

Image result for christmas decorations

I know a lot of people decorate for Christmas early and a lot of people (like my husband) are “after Thanksgiving” purists. If you are the latter, I suggest you soften a bit. Getting an earlier start on holiday decorating means you can spread the chore out over a week or two, making it more fun and less stressful!

I like to put up the tree, fluff it out (because it’s artificial) and put on the lights. Then I need a break. I may put the ornaments on in the next couple days and take another break. I put up garland around my living room door frames a day or two after the tree is decorated, and I set up a nice display of other holiday decor on the top of my china cabinet. If I were to try to do this all in one day, I would be exhausted and crabby!

Then there are the outdoor decorations. Do you put lights on your house? This week we are having some mild afternoons. It’s going to be a little windy, but not too cold to be up on the roof. Those “after Thanksgiving purists” might be pretty cold if they wait another week!

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