Halloween Costume Drama

halloween 2015halloween 2016
Halloween 2015                                            Halloween 2016 

If you have kids, you’ve probably been through this before. “What do you want to be for Halloween?” “A troll!….. No, Belle!…. I want to be Ariel…… Wonder Woman….. Spider girl!…” This year, my kids have watched the Trolls movie just about nonstop so I thought they would make the cutest little troll sisters. I found a DIY pattern online for a dress inspired by Princess Poppy and directions to make a big troll hair wig. It will be great! I got home and showed it to them only to hear that my older daughter didn’t want to be Poppy, but some other, more obscure character from the movie. No big deal. Same hair, different color. The little one has changed her mind just about every single day so far in October.

Here’s the deal. I am not willing to break the bank on Halloween. I have three nieces with October birthdays and a daughter with a November birthday, all of which are uncomfortably close to Christmas, if you know what I mean….

I finally got one daughter talked into wearing the Troll costume. We’re good there. The other daughter is still changing her mind daily. Today is Ariel. We have an Ariel dress already, so that should be fine… I’m just worried about what she’s going to say on October 31 and we don’t have her costume choice du jour.

If you’re interested in the DIY Princess Poppy costume, it can be found here.

What Halloween dramatics have been going on at your house? Let us know!


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