Foodie Friday: August Menu

In celebration of a long awaited beach vacation this month, I made a special effort to include more fish on the menu! I do really like fish, but it’s hard to purchase good fish in rural Oklahoma, so we do not eat it as much as I would like. I hope you enjoy the August menu! You can find the recipes on Pinterest! (Please forgive me for misspelling “Cincinnati” on my handwritten menu!)

August 2017 Menu


QuickTip Tuesday: Getting Ready for School

Parents often loosen the routines during summer break, but now is a great time to get back on that schedule! It’s important to start enforcing bedtimes and screen time limits that might be in play during the school year a few weeks before school actually starts. That way it will feel like the norm once the school year begins.


I love Christmas. I love it so much that I start planning way early. Today I printed out my Christmas 2017 planner! I usually search the internet for free planner printables because I also love free. This year, I am using this really cute planner from The Cottage Market. 

holida planner

To be honest, I had trouble with the zip file after I downloaded it, so I just printed it from the previews. While the pages ended up having a larger margin than I think they were designed to have, it is functional, cute and free!

I love that this printable planner has one-page calendars for November and December and plenty of gift planning pages. Another thing I love about printable planners in general is that you can take one page and make multiple copies if needed. Not enough space on the card list? Print another page. No big deal.

If you know me, you probably know that I have started my Christmas shopping as early as June in the past. My kids have entered a stage in life where it is getting very ¬†hard to shop early for them. I hear this lasts for quite a while… but they are so susceptible to marketing and the Christmas marketing hasn’t started up yet so they won’t “know” what they want for Christmas until November at the earliest. I have started compiling a list of ideas though. Last year we did the 4-gift plan. Each girl got 4 gifts from Mom and Dad plus 2 gifts from Santa. I loved this! The 4 gifts from us were “something you want, something you need, something to wear, and something to read.” It makes planning simple and it keeps us from buying things just to have “enough” for them to open. I worried last year that they would be disappointed, but they weren’t. Also with this plan, my whole budget for each girl only has to last for 6 gifts which means I can spend a little more for really good quality stuff. We also do stockings which include new socks, new underwear, a toothbrush, and a piece of nice chocolate. Simple.

Tell me your favorite Christmas traditions! How do you like to plan and shop? Do you start early or wait for the last minute?