Foodie Friday: July Menu

I just finished putting together this menu. I have to admit, I was having a sort of planner’s block this time around. BUT I pushed through and let me tell you: after putting all the recipes in the July 2017 Menu Pinterest board, my mouth is watering! I am so excited to try out some of these new recipes. I found some in Southern Living Magazine, others just searching around on Pinterest, and still others were suggested by friends and co-workers. I even got my 6 year old, Amelia in on the planning process this time!

July in Oklahoma tends to be hot- maybe not as hot as August- but hot just the same. I am avoiding turning on my oven, so you’ll notice there aren’t many recipes that require the hot-box. I love my slow-cooker year round because it requires very little attention and it doesn’t heat up the house. I love my grill too. I have a gas grill, and while some say you really miss out on the charcoal flavor, it is just too convenient to complain. I don’t have to wait on the coals to get to that “just right” place in the grill. I just turn on the gas, push a button and let it heat up for a few minutes. Then I cook! You’ll notice a good number of grilled dinners this time around. Yes, it is hot outside and grilling requires you to be outside. Yes, the grill is hot. But I am not fighting my expensive air conditioner later in the evening, and I get to watch my kids play in the yard while we wait for dinner.

I hope you enjoy this menu. I seemed to be craving Mexican when I made June’s menu, but I have several classic Southern and Creole recipes this month. I guess I’m just excited about my upcoming beach vacation. Thinking about Florida always gets me in the mood for Southern/Cajun foods!July 2017 Menu

And here’s the printable. Feel free to modify this however it will best fit your tastes!

July 2017 Menu


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