Foodie Friday: June Menu

When I was growing up, my parents refused to turn on the air conditioning before June. I remember whining about the heat… a lot. Now that I am the one responsible for the electric bill, I don’t want to turn on the a/c either! It is May 26th and my air conditioning has not been on yet. BUT the forecast says it is going to be in the 90’s this weekend so I will probably break down and turn it on.

I love grilling in the summer and I hate turning on the oven. I am really looking forward to this menu. We are still having Salad Monday and Big Dinner Sunday. I am doing re-make day and Taco Tuesday together, remaking the Sunday dinner into tacos on Tuesday.

When I was putting together my June 2017 Menu Pinterest Board, I noticed that on the third week I have planned 3 pasta dishes. I will most likely be rearranging some of those meals so we won’t be carb-loading for no reason. Please feel free to print this menu and use it! Use some correction tape to cover up any meals your family wouldn’t enjoy and fill it in with something you would enjoy. Re-arrange the days! Make it work for you!

June 2017 Menu

June 2017 Menu

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