School’s Out For Summer

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My six-year-old finished kindergarten on May 11 and our babysitter left for vacation on May 12. So… my kids have been at their grandparents’ house for three days. I miss them like crazy! On Monday, I poked my head in Amelia’s bedroom three times to check on her. She wasn’t home. On Tuesday I kept listening for Sophie’s little footsteps at 5:00 am (her regular wake-up time) but she wasn’t home. They are coming home today and I cannot wait!

I have a few fun things for us to do this summer, but I am also planning some educational activities so that Amelia doesn’t have those summer academic losses I am always hearing about. “Summer slide” is the tendency for students to lose some of the achievement gains they made during the previous school year. To combat this, I am going to try a “bridge book,” and we are going to be reading- a lot! One thing we haven’t done, but my husband and I have talked about  doing is nightly quiet time. I am a very schedule-oriented mom. We eat dinner as close as possible to 6:00 every night, then bath time is at 6:30 and bedtimes are 7:30 and 8:00. We are going to start having the girls enjoy quiet time where they can look at books between bath and bedtime. This will give them an opportunity to learn to entertain themselves and give us an opportunity to clean up the dinner mess in peace. I will let you know how this goes…

Do you have school aged children? Make sure they are getting some reading in over the summer. If you don’t have school-aged kids at home and know of a family who does, offer to read with those kids. Moms and dads can feel overwhelmed in the summers when they are working full-time, still keeping up the household and the kids aren’t in school. It could be a blessing to them for a trusted adult friend to take interest and invest in their children.

The Association for Library Service for Children (ALSC) has put together reading lists for four different age groups. You can check them out on their website! I can’t wait to start reading from these lists with my girls!



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