Foodie Friday: June Menu

When I was growing up, my parents refused to turn on the air conditioning before June. I remember whining about the heat… a lot. Now that I am the one responsible for the electric bill, I don’t want to turn on the a/c either! It is May 26th and my air conditioning has not been on yet. BUT the forecast says it is going to be in the 90’s this weekend so I will probably break down and turn it on.

I love grilling in the summer and I hate turning on the oven. I am really looking forward to this menu. We are still having Salad Monday and Big Dinner Sunday. I am doing re-make day and Taco Tuesday together, remaking the Sunday dinner into tacos on Tuesday.

When I was putting together my June 2017 Menu Pinterest Board, I noticed that on the third week I have planned 3 pasta dishes. I will most likely be rearranging some of those meals so we won’t be carb-loading for no reason. Please feel free to print this menu and use it! Use some correction tape to cover up any meals your family wouldn’t enjoy and fill it in with something you would enjoy. Re-arrange the days! Make it work for you!

June 2017 Menu

June 2017 Menu

CPR and First Aid

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Yesterday I went through the American Heart Association’s CPR and First Aid training for the 6th time in my life. Although very little has changed, I seem to learn something new (or maybe relearn something I had completely forgotten) every time I take this classThis year was the first year I went through the training having actually experienced using my CPR skills on another person. Not long after I took the class in 2015, my older daughter had a near-drowning event. She fell into a pool and in her surprise, she inhaled sharply under water. It was the scariest thing I have ever seen or had to do. I knew she couldn’t breathe and I knew she needed help but my mind actually went blank. Luckily, I snapped out of it in just a few seconds- but it felt like a lifetime.

I want to urge any parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles or babysitters who may be reading this to take this class through the American Heart Association. I am fairly certain I did the CPR incorrectly, but I was able to get the water out of Amelia’s lungs so that she could breathe. Would you know what to do if someone around you had a medical emergency? This class covers CPR, AED (automated external defibrillator) use, insect stings/bites, snake bites, broken bones, cuts, burns and choking. BTW I have also used the skills I learned in this class for someone who was choking. 

Make sure you  will be able to help when an emergency happens.

School’s Out For Summer

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My six-year-old finished kindergarten on May 11 and our babysitter left for vacation on May 12. So… my kids have been at their grandparents’ house for three days. I miss them like crazy! On Monday, I poked my head in Amelia’s bedroom three times to check on her. She wasn’t home. On Tuesday I kept listening for Sophie’s little footsteps at 5:00 am (her regular wake-up time) but she wasn’t home. They are coming home today and I cannot wait!

I have a few fun things for us to do this summer, but I am also planning some educational activities so that Amelia doesn’t have those summer academic losses I am always hearing about. “Summer slide” is the tendency for students to lose some of the achievement gains they made during the previous school year. To combat this, I am going to try a “bridge book,” and we are going to be reading- a lot! One thing we haven’t done, but my husband and I have talked about  doing is nightly quiet time. I am a very schedule-oriented mom. We eat dinner as close as possible to 6:00 every night, then bath time is at 6:30 and bedtimes are 7:30 and 8:00. We are going to start having the girls enjoy quiet time where they can look at books between bath and bedtime. This will give them an opportunity to learn to entertain themselves and give us an opportunity to clean up the dinner mess in peace. I will let you know how this goes…

Do you have school aged children? Make sure they are getting some reading in over the summer. If you don’t have school-aged kids at home and know of a family who does, offer to read with those kids. Moms and dads can feel overwhelmed in the summers when they are working full-time, still keeping up the household and the kids aren’t in school. It could be a blessing to them for a trusted adult friend to take interest and invest in their children.

The Association for Library Service for Children (ALSC) has put together reading lists for four different age groups. You can check them out on their website! I can’t wait to start reading from these lists with my girls!


QuickTip Tuesday: Wills and Guardians

Nobody likes to think about death- especially their own– but if you have minor children, you need a will in place that names a legal guardian for your children . If you do not choose a legal guardian for your children, the courts will do it for you. You do not want to leave this very important decision to someone else. When naming a guardian or guardians, name each child and each guardian in the will. Do not assume unnamed children will be treated the same as named children. Also do not assume that by naming one guardian that person’s spouse would be a legal guardian. If you want both parties of a married couple, name them both.

Being honest, my husband and I have not done this. We really need to. I encourage all of my readers to start this process if you haven’t already done so. It is an important, albeit unpleasant task to get accomplished.

QuickTip Tuesday: Prolonging Petunias

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Did you know that petunias will bloom all summer long? They will if you “deadhead” them. This means pulling off the wilted blooms. If you continue to pull off the blooms as they get sad, the flowers will bloom again and again. If you let this go, the blooms will disappear and the plant will start to put off seeds. Once the plant is putting off seeds, the blooming season is over.

Co-Parenting: Investing in Yourself


Investing in yourself is taking time to care for yourself so you can be a healthier version of you. Just like depositing money into the bank is investing in your savings account, every time you do something for your physical, emotional, or mental health you metaphorically make a deposit into your self-care bank and invest in yourself. The experience of divorce can cause many negative feelings like grief, loss, anxiety, and anger. Many attempt to stay busy to avoid experiencing those negative feelings. With so many changes in your, and your children’s life, finding time for self-care might feel impossible or selfish, but it is one of the best gifts you can give your children. The following self-care options are ways for you to begin investing in yourself and thus increasing your physical and mental health.

  • Balance Your Health – Find time to exercise, eat a healthy diet, and get a good night’s sleep.
  • Get With People – Find time to hang out with your friends or even join a new group of people with shared interests.
  • Practice Gratitude – Find value and appreciate the good things in your life, instead of focusing on what is lost or what you do not have.
  • Relax, Meditate and Practice Mindfulness – Focus on being in the present moment instead of worrying about the past or the future.
  • Self-Compassion– Treat yourself with the love and kindness you would give others.
  • Make Time for Fun – Bring out your inner child with play or learn something new.

Self-care allows you to be a healthier version of you, so you can be better equipped to be the parent you desire to be for your children.  Click on this article Investing in Yourself to learn more about ways to take care of YOU!

QuickTip Tuesday: Fitness Tip

Go back to the basics:

Plan activities that require little or no equipment or facilities, such as walking, jogging, jumping rope, yoga and dancing. Find out what programs your community recreation center offers for free or minimal charge.

OR If you live in the Chandler area, join my walking group! We are meeting Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7:00 am every week in May and the first two weeks of June. Call 405-258-0560 for information on how to join!