Foodie Friday: May Menu

Whew! April is typically my busiest month of the year and April 2017 was no different. I almost didn’t even get this menu written on time, but I finished it up about 2 minutes ago. I am getting hungry just looking at it! I changed up my day themes again. The movie night dinner themes from April’s menu didn’t quite work out like I had hoped, so I changed Fridays to Grill Night. Sundays are also largely grilled dinners, but made with a little extra meat to be turned into something different on Wednesdays. I am also bringing back Salad Mondays because I missed them!!

Let me know how you are using the menus. I will keep doing them no matter what, because I enjoy doing it and they are helpful to me. BUT I want to hear from you!!

Check out any recipes on my May 2017 Pinterest Board.

May 2017 Menu

And here’s a PDF:

May 2017 Menu


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