QuickTip Tuesday: Easter Baskets

easter basketsIt is so easy to go overboard for kids’ Easter baskets, but do they really need all that? I feel like we just got rid of the last of the Christmas candy and we still have Valentine’s candy in my house! I am not excited about buying a bunch of Easter candy too. Here is my formula for a fun, yet low-key Easter basket:

  • Pajamas- one new set of springtime pajamas each
  • Bunnies- one small chocolate bunny each
  • Toys- one small toy each (my kids are getting swim goggles to use this summer)
  • Flip-flops- one pair of cheap, fun flip-flops each
  • Accessories- one accessory each (like a hairbow, frilly socks, nail polish… whatever they like)

Don’t make yourself crazy or bust your budget trying to put together a Pinterest worthy Easter basket. Keep it simple. The kids will love it!

  • Bonus tip: skip the Easter grass. It’s just going to make a big mess before it goes in the trash.

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