Co-parenting With Technology

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Co-Parenting with Technology

Parenting in separate households can often be a difficult task, furthermore trying to stay connected and on the same page may seem impossible at times.  Technology however can help co-parents and their children maintain easy contact and communication.  Besides phone calls, emails, and texting, there are many apps that have been created to help co-parents keep positive appropriate communication.

Useful Co-Parenting Apps  
Co-Parenting apps are useful because they can prevent unwanted contact and serve as a buffer limiting communication to only necessary exchanges which can help prevent conflict.  Additionally, staying organized and informed can also help minimize conflict between co-parents, while allowing children to have regular contact with both parents. Co-parenting apps can be used to help families communicate in many different ways.  Some are designed for sharing calendars, pictures and medical records, while others can assist in creative ways like mapping equal distances for pick up and drop of your child.   The apps below are just a few examples and range anywhere from free to a monthly fee.  There are likely other great apps out there too that provide many of the same qualities.

  • 2Houses– Provides a joint calendar for both co-parents to edit and update scheduled events.   Parents can also update medical records, keep track of child related expenses and upload photos to a shared album.
  • Wizard– This app allows co-parents to communicate positively by a shared schedule, co-parenting tools, and features resource links to counseling and legal services.
  • Kidganizer– Promotes positive communication for co-parents who do not always communicate well face to face.  It features custody and expenses management.
  • Co-Parenting Tips for Divorced Parents– This app focuses on the needs of the parents. It points out the difficulty of co-parenting while providing tips. The app also provides facts as well as informational videos. Each day the app sends the co-parents an inspirational quote, word of wisdom or tip of the day. This app also allows co-parents to ask questions that they have and receive support.
  • Cozi– This is another shared calendar app for co-parents but it links to many calendars. This app also allows access to a joined website for easier access. This also allows children to view and access the calendar and be part of the scheduling.
  • Life360– This app allows co-parents to view the location of their children which can help create peace of mind. The app also allows the children to view the locations of their parents.

Social Media Accounts
Use caution when posting on social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.  While these services can be a useful way to share photos and activities that involve your children, it can also allow your co-parent to see into your personal life which could raise emotions and increase conflict between co-parents.  Also be careful not vent rage or frustration relating to your co-parent on social media.  Though it may momentarily give you some satisfaction to vent, keep in mind how many people read your posts and may tell others about it – your relatives, mutual friends, or possibly even your own children or those close to your children.   If in doubt, have a second person read your posting before you post anything questionable.  Remember private matters should always remain private.
Need More Help?

Lincoln County Extension Service offers the Co-Parenting for Resilience class on the first Tuesday of every month. There is a registration fee of $30 that is due with some paperwork by the Friday before class. Call 405-258-0560 for more information.


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  1. Thank you so much for this post!! I had no idea these apps existed! I will definitely be looking them up and trying them!

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