Adulting 101

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I have been seeing a lot of internet buzz about “adulting” classes. Organizations all over the country are offering classes to help young adults make the transition from being kids to being on their own. It got me thinking, OSU Extension Service has been offering these kinds of lessons all along, but maybe we are not getting the right audience! I was wondering, for my readers who  live in or close to Lincoln County, is this something that is needed? If you think it is needed, would you come to an adulting class? What topics would you want covered?

I am serious about these questions. Please give me some feedback. I would love to offer this type of program and I want to make sure the audience gets what is wanted/needed. Some of the topics I have seen being covered are budgeting, laundry, taxes, job interviews, housekeeping, writing a resume… So, what do you think? What are your thoughts?


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