Foodie Friday: Steak

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My husband can grill an excellent steak. I mean, we do not go out for steak dinners because we are always disappointed. This is mostly because my husband can grill a much better steak than most chain-restaurant cooks. I asked him to give me his best tips for grilling the perfect steak. Here’s what he said.

Season the steak well, but don’t over do it. We like to keep it really simple with a seasoned salt blend.

Don’t fuss over it. Let the grill do its job. Just relax.

Use a meat thermometer. A lot of people will tell you how you can check the done-ness of the steak by comparing it to the heel of your hand. This is a good way to end up with an overcooked steak. Just use a meat thermometer. For a rare steak, take it off the heat at 130. For a med-rare, take it off the heat at 140. For medium, 155. And for well done, 165.

Lastly, let the meat rest. After the steaks come off the grill, let them sit on the counter top for about 10-15 minutes before you cut into them. Some residual cooking happens during this time.

Enjoy your steak with some cream-cheese stuffed jalapenos, a good salad, and maybe a baked potato.


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