QuickTip Tuesday: Tornado Kits

Image result for tornado

Get your storm shelter ready and make your tornado emergency kit. Today! Clean out the leaves and old spider webs. Make a kit with things you’ll need if you are stuck in the shelter for a few hours. Food, water, change of clothes, baby supplies, medications, a weather radio, a whistle, and a bucket… for, well, you know. You may also want blankets or jackets because these storms usually bring in cooler air and maybe a pillow for little ones who might fall asleep.

Last night we had our first big thunderstorm of the Oklahoma spring season. We were actually under tornado watch and it reminded me that we have not cleaned out our shelter or made a kit. I gave an account of one of my less prepared moments a couple years ago. You can go back and read about how my family was caught off guard by the first tornado of the season and had to take the baby down to the shelter practically naked. I laugh at it now, but I don’t want to relive something like that.


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