Foodie Friday: March Menu

February is just about finished and I am screaming “Bring on Spring!” Our weather around here has been crazy with highs in the 80’s for a few days and then drops down to the 20’s for a while. We just can’t seem to get all the way to feeling good because of colds/allergies and never knowing how to dress for the day.

Enough about weather. Let’s talk food! I mentioned last month that I would be changing up my menu formula, and I did! I am still planning to do a big dinner on Sunday nights so that I can remake the leftovers on Wednesday nights. I have traditionally done salad Mondays in the spring and summer, but I am changing that to Mexican Monday (or really Tex-Mex because that’s what I know). I am still going to class on Tuesday nights- my very last night class 🙂 and so I am planning 20 minute (or less) meals for Tuesdays. Leftovers works well for Thursday nights because Amelia goes to gymnastics 45 minutes away. I think we are all a little tired of Breakfast-For-Dinner-Fridays and we have always had movie night on Fridays, so I am going to do dinners to match the movie. That means we will have to plan our movies ahead of time, but that’s fun! Lastly, I will be doing Sandwich Saturdays and just have some fun with that.

If you need recipes, check out my March 2017 Menu Pinterest board!march-2017-menu



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