Foodie Friday: The Lost Art of Pie Making

Sometime between the 1950’s and today, people stopped baking from scratch. There are so many convenience items available to use that are terrific in quality. I admit, I often buy refrigerated pie dough because it is fairly inexpensive, it’s convenient, it’s just almost as good as homemade AND there’s no clean up! But, there is something very artful about making pie crust from scratch. I always say if you can read, you can cook… but that doesn’t apply to baking things like bread and pie. These things require more finesse that only comes from practice.

When my twin sister and I were in high school, she took an interest in pies. She practiced a lot and perfected the art. She entered her pecan pies in the county pecan and peanut show and beat some older ladies, who in turn voted to make a youth class. The next year she turned 18 and beat them again! I let her do her thing and tried not to compete, but now that we are adults and moms, I decided it was time to learn. Katie always like to bake pecan pies, so I decided to do something different- cream pies….

Last year I held my first pie baking workshop on 3.14– PI day! I am doing it again this year. If  you are interested in learning to make your own pies, you should consider coming to my workshop. It will be March 14, 2017 and I am having two. One from 9 am to noon and a repeat from 1 pm to 4. We will be talking about the lost art of pie making, discussing different pie dough recipes and techniques and each participant will make a pie to take home. Space is limited so each session has a 10 person limit. We will be doing my sister’s favorite: pecan. Hope you’ll join us!!




One thought on “Foodie Friday: The Lost Art of Pie Making

  1. I would love to come to your pie class. But it is just too long of a drive. I am sharing a secret that my grandmother taught me. She was known for her apple pies. She always buttered the bottom of the pie pan. She never had a soggy crust. It’s a rule that I always follow. Have fun on your Pi Day.

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