Foodie Friday: February Menu 2017

I can’t believe it’s already time to be posting a February menu. Yesterday, I sat down at my computer and started thinking about Foodie Friday and it hit me that it was menu time, but my menu was far from finished! I, for a moment, felt like I had run out of ideas. Pinterest was uninspired. I guess I’m in a menu slump. I have had the same formula for menu planning for about 2 years now, and I think we could all use a change.

I would like to keep “Leftovers and Dessert” on Thursday because it works out well for my schedule, but all the rest is free game for a face lift. What are your ideas? I know I have a handful of readers out there who enjoy the menus. Do any of you have ideas for a menu format? I am currently using this:

  • Big Dinner Sunday- with plans for leftovers to be redone on Wednesday
  • Soup/Salad Monday- Soups in winter months and Salads in Summer
  • Slow-cooker Tuesday
  • Re-do Wednesday- Sunday’s leftovers made into something new
  • Leftovers and dessert Thursday
  • Breakfast for dinner on Friday
  • Something more fun/kid friendly on Saturday

I found a blog called The Coastie Couple that had a post on themed dinner nights, which was interesting. Some of the ideas listed were Mexican Monday, Meatless Monday, Taco Tuesday, Tossed food Tuesday, Wacky Wednesday, This-or-That Thursday, Thrifty Thursday, Flat Friday, Festival Friday, Sandwich Saturday, Spaghetti Sunday… You can read about it here.

I want to know your ideas. What do you want? I’m open to any and all suggestions! We need to shake this up!!

Here’s the February menu, which will be the last of the current planning formula. The recipes can be found on my February 2017 Menu Pinterest board. March will be fresh and new!


Here’s the pdf: february-2017-menu



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