Foodie Friday: Stretching a Chicken

Image result for roast chicken

If you have been reading my blog for long, you probably know that I like salads and I like chicken. I cook a whole chicken at least once a month and then use the leftovers to make other things. I have historically only gotten 2 meals out of a chicken, but recently learned that I have been doing it wrong!

So this last time, I did it a little better. I roasted my chicken for dinner with simple seasonings- butter, garlic, salt, pepper and lemons. I served my family the two leg quarters and a little slice out of the breast. After dinner, when the chicken had cooled down but was not cold, I used my hands to pull the meat off the carcass barbarian style. I shredded the meat using my fingers and put it into a storage container. The amount of meat I ended up with was surprising to me! I had enough to make at least two-maybe three- more dishes! I made a very large batch of chicken and noodles instead of diversifying my leftovers. It was a hit!



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