Foodie Friday on a Thursday: December Menu


It has finally started getting colder in Oklahoma. Praise!! I have planned my december-2016-menu in the hopes that the temperatures will stay below 60, because I am ready to have some warm, hearty dinners. With the Holiday season comes lots of activity, and my menu reflects that. I am sure you will be able to adapt this to fit your own crazy schedules.

This year, Husbee and I are hosting our very first grown up Christmas dinner party for friends. We have a small house with an even smaller kitchen. Our guest list had to stay small, but we are so looking forward to it. The menu plan for December 10th is what we are serving at our grown-up dinner party. We will probably have a family dinner on New Year’s Eve, and I have planned a dinner of nothing but finger foods because I love a no-fuss New Year’s. We  can just watch all the BCS bowl games and chill while we eat some snack foods. It’s going to be great!

I wish you all a happy and safe December. As always, recipes can be found on my December 2016 Menu Pinterest Board. Happy cooking!!


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