Working Through Tough Issues


Working Through Tough Issues

Logically, most parents are in a better position than the court system when it comes to knowing what’s best for their children.  However, many divorcing parents become so focused on their own need to “win” that they can never agree on anything and make those important needed decisions. That strong competitive spirit may also continue after the divorce is finalized and changes in custody or the divorce decree are often required.  Judges will do the best they can when you and your co-parent can’t agree on what is best for your child, but this may not be the best decision for your child.

Meditation is a cost-effective alternative to expensive lawyer’s fees and court costs. Mediators are experienced professionals specially trained to help two disagreeing parties come to a workable solution. While lawyers are paid to win, mediators are paid to make sure both parties win, which is almost always better for the children. Mediation allows co-parents to discuss difficult issues and come to an agreement about what is best for the children. It continues to be a good option as your children grow older and additional changes are needed in your parenting agreement as well. Consider using mediation during these times to help create smooth transitions for your child.

For more information on mediation in Oklahoma, click on these handouts: 
Oklahoma Early Settlement Mediation Directory 
Mediation Information for Participants
Rules for Mediation
Creating a Parenting Plan Worksheet






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