Foodie Friday: October Menu

I have to admit, I am ready for September to be gone! I am ready for cooler weather. I am ready to wear boots. I am ready to eat warm, hearty soups. And chili. And winter squash. I love Fall and everything that goes with it! I am ready for bright orange and red and yellow leaves on my neighbor’s Bradford pear trees. I am ready to carve pumpkins and take Halloween pictures of my dear little girls. I am ready to turn 33. I am ready. Bring on October!

And bring on my scrumptious October menu! I am so excited to eat all of these delicious dinners…. You can find recipes on my October 2016 Menu Pinterest Board, but a lot of it you’ll already have an idea of how you want to make it, that is if you actually use any of my ideas. I don’t really know if you do. I just imagine that my 12 faithful readers are excitedly printing off these monthy menus and following them to a T! Ha!

Well, here it is, ladies and gentlemen. Enjoy!


And the handy PDF version: oct-16-menu


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