Shared Parenting Time: Quantity Equals Quality

Children deserve the opportunity to be loved by both of their parents and should not be caught in between parents who do not know how to get along. Research shows children who have healthy relationships with both parents do better later in life. Shared parenting time provides children with more opportunities to develop deep, lasting bonds with both parents.

Have you and your co-parent thought about shared parenting time? In shared-parenting arrangements, also known as joint custody, children spend 30 percent to 50 percent of their time with each parent, which creates more opportunities for the child to have meaningful experiences with both of their parents. The good news is that shared parenting is not only possible, it actually works!

Quality time between children and parents is often spontaneous and cannot always be planned. Consequently, increasing the quantity of time a child spends with both parents will increase the amount of quality time in the relationship. Quality time includes opportunities for teaching and sharing values with our children. For example, helping with homework or teaching your children through discipline helps create a strong parent-child relationship, which is what every child longs for and needs for healthy adjustment following divorce.

Research shows that except in extreme cases where it is unsafe to do so, shared parenting benefits the child and the parents. However, shared parenting may not be an option for everyone. For example, in situations where one parent is deployed in the military or is gone for long periods of time due to work responsibilities, other custody arrangements may be a better fit for the circumstances. The safety of your child is the most important aspect to consider when creating a parenting plan. In situations when your child’s safety is a concern, it may be best to seek legal help in determining the right parenting plan for your child.



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