Foodie Friday: July Menu

Is today really July 1st?! Really? No, it can’t be. I feel like our summer just started. The weather in North Central Oklahoma went from 70’s and 80’s to mid-90’s overnight, and it is hot! It’s so hot, our little pool feels like a hot tub! Get ready for a lot of grill recipes and cold foods because I am NOT turning on my oven this month! Well, maybe once or twice, because cake. And brownies. And pizza.

My parents’ garden is producing an abundance of produce, and they are generous enough to share with us, so my July menu is chock full of veggies that I know they planted (squash, green beans, okra- my fave!)

I hope you enjoy this as much as I know I am going to!!

July 2016 menu

And so you can print: July 2016 menu

If you like recipes, here’s the link to my July Menu Pinterest Board, where all the recipes are saved.

Eat well, stay in budget 🙂


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