Foodie Friday: May Menu

My first full-month menu was posted to this site on May 1st, 2015. We have gone through an entire year of meals together! I feel like that’s really something to celebrate…. but I’m not sure how to celebrate it. I guess the only way I can celebrate a full year of monthly menus is to post the May 2016 Menu!

I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed the last Foodie Friday of each month this past year. Planning out a full-month of dinners has really simplified my life. I have been planning my menus pretty much since I got married in 2006, but until last year, I only planned a week at a time. And each week was a struggle. On grocery day I would be sitting, pen in hand, with zero ideas for dinner. I thought planning out 30 days of dinners would be that much harder, but it’s not. It really is not. It’s more fun, and I can spread out the task over a whole month. I also always have something to look forward to, because there will be dinners on each month’s plan that I am really excited about.

Here’s to another year of monthly menus from Jessica’s Kitchen Table!

may 2016 menu

Don’t forget to check out my May 2016 Menu Pinterest Board for the recipes!

And here’s the PDF version:

may 2016 menu


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