QuickTip Tuesday: Being More Physically Active During the Work Day

Americans spend a LOT of time sitting. We have moved from a society with largely physical jobs to a society with an inordinate amount of office jobs. I know I spend way too much time sitting on my duff at my computer, then I go home and sit on my duff in my living room (when I’m not gardening, or training for races, or chasing my 2 littles… you get it). The point is, we spend approximately 8 hours a day sitting in our jobs, and then some more time sitting at home. We can easily be more active at home, but being more active at work requires some creativity.

Here are some ideas to get a little more activity in during the workday:

  • Swap out your desk chair for a stability ball 
  • Take “brain breaks”- every 20-30 minutes, move away from your computer. Rest your eyes. Move around. Stretch. You can dance if you want to.
  • Have “walk and talk” meetings. If you need to have a little pow-wow with your co-workers to discuss your schedules or policies, walk around the block while you talk.

Please share your ideas! I know I would love hear (and try) them!


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