Foodie Friday: Cilantro

It has recently been all over the mass-media that genetics play a big role in whether or not we like cilantro. According to those large news outlets, people either love it or hate it. I don’t know if this is true, but I personally like it sometimes and then like it a little less at other times. There are dishes that I make that are greatly improved by adding cilantro, and then there are dishes that I would rather leave it out….

Anywho, whether you love it, hate it, or like it sometimes and don’t like it other times, here is a picture of the cilantro I started in an egg carton.

seed starter

Cilantro has anti-microbial properties- it’s particularly effective against salmonella! It also has great vitamins and minerals like potassium and vitamin A. If you don’t it, try it in your Tex-Mex dishes. You’ll be glad you did!


Here are my other little seedlings:

seed starter basil


seed starter 3

Teeny, Tiny Petunias

Enjoy your gardening!!



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