Starting Plants From Seeds

I am sorry that i didn’t think to take pictures, but I wanted to share a little story with you. I love gardening. I’m not great at it. My thumb is a yellowish, light green- better than brown, but definitely not full on green. In fact, Husbee says I am a Hobbit. I think The Shire looks like the greatest place on earth and I have a love for all things that grow. But, my husband and I are on a journey to pay off debt. The debt payoff and the gardening are not compatible. That’s because I LOVE flowers and flowers are expensive. So, this year I decided to try to start my own flowers and herbs from seed. (I will share some pictures later this week)

I saw a very expensive seed-starting apparatus in a seed catalog and wanted it immediately, but it was so expensive. I perused Pinterest for less expensive methods to start my own seeds. I tried two. The first was to plant the seeds in ice cream cones. The blogger who shared this idea boasted that it was great and you could just plant the entire cone into the ground when it was warm enough and your plant was established. Great! I’ll try it. Ice creams cones are like 25 for $1. I also saw an idea where you start the seeds in egg cartons, then wrap the egg carton in plastic wrap. I have egg cartons. I have (some) plastic wrap… what’s the worst that could happen?

Here’s what:

First, I didn’t have enough plastic wrap, so one egg carton was wrapped up well and one egg carton had a small piece of plastic over the top. The second carton got really dry really fast, but the little sections flood with just the smallest amount of water. You really want the soil to stay moist, but you don’t want it floating in water.

Second, the ice cream cone method dried out very quickly- because it wasn’t wrapped in plastic wrap. Then, it molded. Yuck! I wanted to try to save my flowers, so I peeled the moldy cones from the teeny little flowers and put the soil clumps down into an egg carton- then I wrapped it up.

I have bought more plastic wrap and re-wrapped everything. The egg carton that was done correctly from the beginning has beautiful little sprouts of cilantro- which we love. The others had some teensy little sproutlets of petunias and basil. I also planted lavender, but I haven’t seen any yet. I am watching and waiting to see how well this works. If it doesn’t, I guess I wasted about $7.


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