Foodie Friday: February Menu

Although I am tired of cold weather, and dead grass, and gray skies, I am so excited for this February menu!! I wanted to point out a few things that changed in my menu planning formula last month, but I don’t think I really expressed.

  • Sundays I make a very large main dish that can be turned into something else on Tuesday. It’s great! It makes Tuesday dinners much easier. For February, I am serving a whole chicken, then putting the leftovers into gumbo. I am making pot roast and turning those leftovers into “country Italian beef”. I am roasting a pork loin and putting the leftovers into a taco. And lastly, I am doing up a turkey breast to be turned into turkey panini on March 1. It’s simplifying my meal prep and my menu plan!
  • Mondays are now (at least for the duration of winter) soup days. This helps because a nice, comforting bowl of soup is great after a long, cold Monday- but also, many soups are great for the slow cooker and Mondays are also gymnastics night for Amelia.
  • Wednesdays are fish days.
  • Thursdays are still for leftovers and dessert.
  • Fridays are still breakfast for dinner night- one of my faves!
  • Saturdays are something a little more fun and carefree.

I hope you like my February menu as much as I do! Again, I want to encourage you to print the menu for your own use. You can simply white-out the meals you don’t want to try and add in your own ideas- OR you could print out your own calendar and use any of my meals that you like, whether it’s one, two or all of them!

The recipes, as always, can be found on the February Menu Pinterest Board.

february menu

February Menu


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