Un-Spring Cleaning

I have a love-hate relationship with Spring cleaning. I love having a freshly cleaned house, but I hate cleaning my house after it has gone through Winter. Winter seems to be the time when stuff collects. It’s mostly from the Christmas season- boxes, packaging, and more boxes… Ring a bell?

Instead of Spring cleaning, we should all be doing year-round tossing. That is, getting those things that are not useful out of the house as soon as possible. As soon as Christmas was over, I had all those boxes broken down and in the trash (or at least I wish I would have) and as new non-useful items come into my home, I plan to remove them.

Some big areas for clutter collection are the kitchen table, the dresser top, and the entry buffet cabinet. my goal is to clear these surfaces before bed each night. I also plan to take one room in my house per month and purge unwanted, unused items in a day. One day per month. One room per month. That’s all.

Hopefully this will help keep the clutter at bay, which is what causes all my troubles anyway!


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