Homemade Christmas

Have you ever done a “Handmade Christmas?” A few years back, my sisters and I decided to do that. The rule was that every gift we gave each other, and our parents had to be made by us. Making your own Christmas gifts can be a very personal touch-but it’s got to be done well. Here are some tips for doing a Handmade Christmas:

  1. Stick to your talents. If you can sew, use it. If you are good with building things out of wood, great! If you are not good at sewing, don’t try to make everyone a quilt. If you are looking to learn a new skill, this is not the time. An ill-crafted handmade gift may be cute when it’s coming from a small child, but it’s not as appreciated coming from a capable adult.
  2. Manage your time. It doesn’t matter how great the gifts are that you are planning to make if you do not allow yourself enough time to finish all the projects. Save yourself the stress and worry by planning early and sticking to a production schedule.
  3. Find a partner in crime. Working with someone else on your projects can help you to stay on task- and it’s more fun to work with a friend!
  4. Budget wisely. Handmade gifts sound as if they will be less expensive, but you could really bust your budget if you’re not careful! Craft supplies can be expensive. Luckily, most craft stores have regular sales on these items. You just need to watch the ads and buy when they are on sale.

Doing a handmade Christmas was a lot of fun for my sisters and me! If you’ve ever contemplated doing this, I say give it a try!!

Here are a few ideas for handmade Christmas gifts:

A t-shirt quilt

Dinner in a bag: For our kids’ day care provider, my husband baked some homemade bread and I put it in a bag with some dried pasta, a pasta sauce I had made from tomatoes I had grown, some nice parmesan cheese and a nice balsamic vinegar.

Christmas ornaments: Any style you like would do, but one year for the grandparents, we took profile headshots of our kids, had them printed in silhouette and put them in tiny frames. I then glued a loop of ribbon to them so they could hang on the tree. I think these are really sweet, but there are so many ideas on Pinterest for handmade ornaments.



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