Quick Tip Tuesday: Winter Emergency Kit




Back in the Spring, I posted a blog about emergency kits for tornado season. Now that the weather is turning cooler, it is a great idea to get out that old emergency kit and re-stock it for cold-weather emergencies. Here are a few things to include:

  • Flashlights and batteries
  • Hand-warmers
  • Non-perishable foods that do not need to be cooked like jerky and granola bars
  • Water for drinking
  • Water for bathing or flushing the toilet in case the pipes freeze
  • First aid kit
  • Wrench for turning off water-again in case they freeze/burst
  • Blankets/sleeping bags

It’s also a good idea to put together a car-emergency kit for winter. I remember one winter storm that happened as I was traveling from Fort Smith, AR to Tulsa, OK. I was halfway to my destination when freezing rain started hitting my car. It was scary, and I should have had an emergency kit with me in case I became stranded. Here is a good list for you to use:

  • Cell phone with portable charger
  • sleeping bag/blankets
  • spare coats, mittens, boots, hats
  • red or blaze orange signal cloth strips
  • medium-sized snow shovel
  • jumper cables
  • tow chain
  • tire chains
  • maps & compass
  • snow brush/ice scraper
  • gas line antifreeze
  • flashlight and spare batteries
  • repair tools (pliers, screwdriver, adjustable wrench)
  • 100 foot 3/8 inch rope
  • drinking water (1 gal/person)
  • high energy food
  • cellular phone or CB radio
  • reading materials
  • deck of cards
  • hand warmers (chemical type)
  • fire extinguisher

Check out these two Fact Sheets for more information!Prairie Fare_ Gearing Up for Winter Travel — Winter Storm Information Survival Equipment, Don’t Be Without It! — Winter Storm Information



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