Cleaning House

Over the weekend, I cleaned the grout in my kitchen floor. It was quite a chore! Our house is 15 years old, and I am certain the grout has never been scrubbed like that. I’m embarrassed to say that I actually didn’t know the color of the grout until I got it clean! I am also embarrassed to say that I purchased the supplies to clean the grout two years ago and just now got around to it.

My wonderful husband had cleaned the house for me last week, so when the weekend rolled around and the house was still pretty clean, I decided to get it done. I tested a small portion right in front of the sink first and then I realized it wasn’t going to take nearly as long as I had anticipated. Don’t get me wrong, it still took 3 hours. I just expected it to take all day.

Hubby and I were talking about why I never got it done, and we decided it’s because our house is rarely tidy. If we were better about keeping things continuously picked up, we would have more time to focus on things like the grout or cleaning out closets.

Okay, I know you’re dying to know what I did to get my kitchen floor to shine. Here’s the skinny:

I took some gel toilet bowl cleaner with bleach and squirted it directly on the grout, drawing boxes around my tiles. I let that sit a minute or two and then scrubbed really vigorously with a plastic bristled scrub brush. Then I wiped it up with a we, soapy rag. I kept soapy water in my sink for this.

It’s important to work in small sections because the cleanser dries fairly quickly. Once it’s dried, scrubbing becomes more difficult. After I finished one half of my kitchen, I mopped with my regular mopping supplies. Then I went on to the next section, and so on. Once the entire floor had been done, I mopped the entire kitchen again.

The mopping is important because the toilet bowl cleaner leaves a slippery residue all over the floor.

Here’s an embarrassing photo:


The tiles on the left have been cleaned, the tiles on the right have not.


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