The Lazy Summer Days Are Over

School has started for my daughter and for me. As some of you know, I started graduate school this week. I am enrolled in six credit hours (while I work full-time and raise two children) because I am a glutton for punishment. It is day three of the semester and I am already starting to lose it! It will get easier, I know. It always does. Here is my number one tip for keeping things all together when life gets extremely busy:


I use a planner. I use it religiously. What do I put in it? EVERYTHING! I found a new one that I am going to order that has the whole month, then each week right behind the month. On the pages that have just one week, there is a vertical layout so that the days of the week go across the top, then beneath each day there are three boxes going down the page. You can label those boxes any way you choose. I am so excited! I think I’m going to label my boxes as “kids,” “work,” and “school.” Those are the three things I need to keep up with on a weekly basis. One example I saw had “morning, afternoon, evening.” That would be very useful too.

I can’t tell you enough how important it is to keep a calendar! My husband uses the electronic calendar on his phone. I really don’t like doing that. I need the activity of writing something down. It helps me remember, and I can quickly reference it without fumbling for my phone or fighting my kids for the phone. My little paper planner is just for me. Nobody else wants it!

I can’t really tell you the best way to do things because everyone is different. BUT I can tell you how I do things. It’s simple. I write everything down. When something unexpected comes up and I run somewhere for work that wasn’t planned, I still write it down because I will need to remember what I did at the end of the month. I write down what’s happening, what time it’s happening, and where it’s happening. I use abbreviations when I can to save space, but I only use abbreviations that are common and well known to me. I don’t make them up as I go because I might not remember what they mean!




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