Foodie Friday: Disaster Dinner

Have you ever had one of those evenings when everything went terribly, terribly wrong? One of those nights when cooking dinner seems like an insurmountable hill to climb? That was what my kitchen was like on Monday!

If you follow my menu posts, you know that I do salads on Monday nights. This week was a fruit and grain salad that had a bed of greens, some quinoa and lots of fruit. It also included a very simple homemade dressing. Moments after I started preparing this salad, I was having doubts about whether we would eat at all! I felt like I was on some candid-camera-esque reality show called “Disaster Dinner.” Maybe “Cutthroat Kitchen” on the Food Network. It was brutal, let me tell ya!

First, I bought the wrong quinoa. I needed plain, unflavored quinoa. I didn’t realize until I had the water boiling that I bought a quinoa-rice blend with a savory rosemary seasoning. My husband saved the moment by pulling some plain quinoa out of our pantry. I had no idea it was in there, but I was still not sure what we were going to do with my savory grain blend that I already had going. Did I mention that I didn’t have an appropriate sized pot with a lid that fits, so I put a bigger lid on top and made a HUGE mess? Well, that happened.

Next, I asked my husband to grill up the chicken I bought. The recipe called for smoked salmon, but I wanted chicken. He opens the package (which I had just bought like two days ago) and it stinks. Not just a little, but it is definitely not something we are going to eat. No biggie, I’ll just boil some eggs and throw those on top for a little protein.

After the chicken debacle,  I made a beautiful salad dressing with basil from my own herb garden. I love using produce that I have grown myself. This dressing used almost all the basil I had, but it was going to be worth it! I made it in a very small food processor and I set the canister over to the side for later. At some point, Sophie (my one-year-old who started screaming for food the moment I entered my kitchen) knocked the whole thing off the counter from her high chair. Oily salad dressing went everywhere!

At this point, all I can do is stand and stare. And blink back tears.

I rallied and pulled out a different salad dressing that I had made the night before for a different salad. I assembled everything and called the family to the table for dinner. Husbee actually said “a lesser woman would have given up!” And once I sat down to eat, I did give up. I’m pretty sure the film of olive oil is still on my kitchen floor and every pan I own is dirty!

messy kitchensalad dressing mess


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