Just A Little Bit More About Christmas

I promise, this will be my last mention of Christmas until mid-October. That’s when I get in full-swing preparing for the holidays.

As you start your Christmas budgeting and planning, try to think of some clutter-free/consumable gift ideas for the adults. Kids like to get toys and they’ll probably use them. Adults, especially older adults, have a lot of stuff already sitting around their homes. I know I would rather have something consumable that isn’t going to take up precious real-estate in my home than something that sits on a shelf.

Here are some of my best clutter-free gift ideas:

  • An offer (or coupon) to help redecorate a room in someone’s home. It could be an offer to purchase paint and paint supplies, but it needs to include some free labor with it.
  • Gift certificates. I know this can seem impersonal, but you can definitely tailor it to each individual personality.
  • Handyman service. If you’re handy, this could be an offer to help fix some things around the house. If you’re not great with tools, offer to pay for a day or two of handyman services.
  • Event tickets. Whether your recipient is a sports fanatic or a Broadway enthusiast, there are always events nearby that you could buy a season pass for. The local community theater, zoo, museums, or local sports teams are a few ideas.
  • A car detail.
  • Family photo session.
  • Fancy chocolates or wine.
  • Subscriptions to magazines, satellite radio, or TV/movie streaming services.

I love all of these ideas, and spoiler alert, I will be using some of them this year!


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