Foodie Friday: Yogurt Parfait in a Jelly Jar

fruit and yogurt jessica

Using canning jars for stuff is all the rage, and I have certainly jumped on that cute little bandwagon! This morning for breakfast, I made a yogurt parfait in a jelly jar. These are great. They are easy, versatile and can be made ahead of time for a grab-and-go breakfast or snack.

I put some nonfat, plain Greek yogurt in a bowl and mixed in a little honey. You could sweeten it with brown sugar or fruit juice if you like that, or you could use a completely different kind of yogurt. It’s up to you!

Next, I put a dollop in the bottom of my jar, topped that with blueberries and repeated this two more times. You could use whatever fruit you have on hand.

On the very top, I sprinkled some chopped walnuts. I also like to use granola, pistachios, pecans…. anything crunchy and mild, really!

Sometimes I have made up 5 of these on a Sunday evening to have a whole week’s worth of breakfast all ready to go!

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