Monthly Menu: July

After I posted the June menu, I got a text message telling me that I “have to keep doing this each  month!” It was a flattering comment, and even if I am doing this for only that one woman, it’s worth it. Mostly because it has been really great for me! We are still loving “Salad Monday” and “Breakfast for Dinner Friday.” Having two or three days a week be themed really helps to get the menu planned quickly!

You can find the recipes on my July Menu Pinterest Board. I am so excited about this menu. My mouth is watering right now. Seriously.

July menu


Once again, I have included the text version just in case it is difficult to read!

July 1: Grilled pork chops, peach salsa (for Mama) and grilled peaches (for the littles),                   green beans, rolls
July 2: Lemon spaghetti with capers and shrimp, salad, glazed carrots
July 3: Biscuit breakfast sliders (egg, sausage and cheese on a biscuit), fruit, yogurt
July 4: Grilled chicken, grilled smashed potatoes, grilled zucchini, salad, and homemade               ice cream with peanut butter cups
July 5: Pot roast, mashed potatoes, salad
July 6: Cobb salad and ciabatta rolls
July 7: Take-out pizza after gymnastics class
July 8: Fish chowder with Cajun sourdough croutons and a green salad
July 9: Pork burgers, baked beans, salad with homemade dill buttermilk dressing
July 10: California breakfast casserole
July 11: BBQ brisket in the slow cooker, fried okra, rolls and salad
July 12-13: I will be at a meeting and unable to cook. Zach will have to eat those yummy                  leftovers from the brisket!
July 14: Lasagna, Caesar salad
July 15: Slow-cooker pulled pork served over cornbread with grilled cauliflower and fruit
July 16: Grilled honey-mustard chicken, tomato-cucumber salad, roasted potatoes
July 17: Farmer’s breakfast skillet
July 18: BBQ ribs on the grill, corn on the cob, steamed broccoli
July 19: Chicken pot pie
July 20: California chopped salad and toast
July 21: Chicken Parmesan sliders, green beans, fruit
July 22: Homemade pizza
July 23: Spaghetti with  meat sauce, Caesar salad, garlic bread
July 24: Pancakes, bacon and fruit
July 25: Chicken tetrazzini, fruit
July 26: Bang Bang Shrimp Tacos
July 27: Chipotle steak salad, toast
July 28: Tomato, avocado and mozzarella grilled cheese, fruit, salad
July 29: Spicy oven-fried chicken, fried green tomatoes, salad
July 30: Leftovers and brownies
July 31: Carb-buster breakfast for dinner


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