Wellness Series: Professional Well Being

Having a good professional well being means working and living in congruence with your values, strengths and talents. It is actualizing your potential and pursuing meaningful goals. You are developing or refining new skills and abilities to keep pace with the demands and opportunities at hand. Your career is on track or at least aligned with your aspirations.  As a leader you are effective, inspiring and respected for your contribution. You know how to coach others to bring them to their potential. You have a vision for what’s next and a plan to get there (for yourself, your team and the work at hand). When work and life throws challenges at you, you are able to tackle them and know how to recover to maintain your resilience.

For many people, the work-life balance is a struggle. It is important to manage this struggle so that you are getting your job done while also getting enough time on leisure activities and enough time with friends and family. If there is a magic potion to get this done, I haven’t ever seen it. I think some of the best ways to achieve professional strong professional well being is to keep learning- always.

It’s important to fully admit that you don’t know everything. Not even in your field of expertise. There will always be people who know something you don’t. Just embrace that and seek those people out so that you can learn from them. Attend continuing education or in-services in your field. Stay up on the latest technologies and research so that you are ready for the next curve-ball coming to you.

Develop your leadership skills and then use them to encourage your team. The better your team is working, the less you will have to do “on the fly.” If you whole team is healthy and thriving, you will be much less likely to need to run interference or clean up a professional mess. Those professional messes are what keep a lot of people at the office later than they want or on weekends.

Learn everything you can about managing your finances. Get out of debt and stay out! Save as much as you can for your retirement and start saving as early as you can, so that you can retire and enjoy it! Keeping on top your financial situation will greatly improve your ability to have, and enjoy, your leisure time.

These three things are big things. They are not small and they might not be easy or quick, but they are so worth it!

Next week is our last week in the wellness series. We will be discussing social wellness.


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