Foodie Friday: June Menu

After doing the May menu, I had such an easy month of grocery shopping and meal prep. Sooo I decided to do it again. Sorry it’s almost a week late!!

This month I had to plan really quick meals for Tuesday nights because Amelia has gymnastics and we don’t get home until nearly 7:00 pm. I need dinner to pretty much be done because we usually eat at 6:00 and the little one is tired.

Again, you can find the majority of these recipes on my June Menu Pinterest Board.


june menu

June 1: grilled chicken drumsticks, fried okra, garden salad
June 2: pizza (takeout)
June 3: slow-cooker pulled pork sandwiches, apples, salad
June 4: hobo dinners with hamburger patties, bell pepper, onion and fried potatoes
June 5: breakfast burritos, fruit
June 6: (Sophie’s birthday party) chicken salad sandwiches, grilled fruit, chips
June 7: shish kebabs, salad, rolls
June 8: “southern” salad with shrimp and toast
June 9: chili dogs, fruit, garden salad
June 10: bruschetta salmon, caesar salad, green beans
June 11: grilled pork chops, squash, salad, cornbread
June 12: Farmer’s breakfast skillet, fruit
June 13: hamburger steaks, hasselback potatoes, cucumber/tomato salad
June 14: baja fish tacos, mango salsa, zucchini
June 15: loaded bbq chicken salad
June 16: fancy grilled cheese sandwiches, fruit, salad
June 17: homemade burritos, salsa and guacamole
June 18: lemon-pepper baked cod, asparagus, fruit and toast
June 19: homemade waffles, bacon and fruit salad
June 20: grilled chicken, peach salsa, fried okra, toast
June 21: ribs, pasta salad, sliced tomato and cucumber
June 22: ribeye steak salad
June 23: traditional tacos, guacamole, beans
June 24: homemade fish sticks, fruit salad, corn on the cob
June 25: homemade pizza, salad
June 26: eating at church picnic
June 27: pork burgers, green beans, fruit
June 28: beef fajitas, baked beans, guacamole
June 29: Chef’s salad
June 30: slow-cooker Italian chicken, salad, rolls, fruit


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