Foodie Friday: Chocolate Chip Cookie Tip

I am a total sucker for a really good, homemade chocolate chip cookie. Who isn’t? My favorite recipe is the one that’s on the back of the chocolate chip bag (you know, the yellow one). Whatever recipe you like, I can give you one tip that could make them even better.

Are you ready?

Chill the dough for 24 hours before baking.

I know what you’re thinking. “Jessica, who is going to wait a whole 24 hours for cookies?” Definitely not me. Here is what we do in our house: Mix the dough up according to the recipe. Using a small scoop, dish out six cookies or so and bake them for right now. Chill the rest of the dough over night. Next day we bake a few more and then keep scooping until all the dough is in cookie balls. Freeze these in a single layer, or in multiple layers separated by parchment paper. Once they are frozen hard, you can place them into a zipper top bag to leave in the freezer.

With frozen cookie dough, you can have just a few fresh baked cookies anytime you want!!


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