Bed Bugs: EWWW!

When you travel, do you check your hotel room for bed bugs? You should really be doing this. Bed bugs are wonderful hitch hikers. They travel around the world in the luggage of unsuspecting people and they are extremely hard to get rid of once they are in your home. They require a high-heat treatment which can be costly and it may take multiple treatments before they are all gone.

My co-worker recently went out of town for a training and he sent me this picture.

bedbugsYes, that is evidence of bed bugs in his hotel room. YUCK!
So, how can you be sure you don’t bring them home with you: It’s really pretty simple.
Whenever you are going to be staying in a hotel, hostel, dorm room – or anywhere else that’s not your house, check the bed. Check it before you ever bring your stuff in. If you cannot leave your luggage in your car, place it in the bathtub while you check the room.
Go to the bed and pull back the covers. Pull the sheets away from the mattress near the head of the bed. Bed bugs like to hide in the mattress seams and under the pillow top. They are about the size and color of an apple seed. You may see the bugs or their sheds (double gross) or you may see brown spots on the mattress. Those brown spots  are likely blood from the little guys being squished after a meal.
If you find bedbugs in your hotel room, take your suitcase back out of the bathtub, go downstairs and notify the front desk. Ask for another room. Do not stay in that room. Your next room needs to be away from the original- Bed bugs can travel far enough to be in the rooms next door, the room above and the room below.

Here’s another look at bed bugs:

One more thing: Bed bugs are not just a concern when traveling. It’s something to think about whenever purchasing furniture and other soft items for your home. Of course you should always look for them if you are buying used furniture, but also if you have had new furniture delivered. This is important because although the new furniture was most likely clean when it left the warehouse, it may have traveled on a trailer with haul-away furniture/mattresses. There is definitely risk for contamination there!


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