Emergency Kits

Last spring I wrote about putting together an emergency kit. I had one last year, and then we never used it. We never had to take shelter from a tornado in 2014. As severe weather season is starting up again in the Great Plains, it is time to get last year’s kits out and restock them. I knew this last week. I knew that we had severe weather threats in the forecast. I got my kit out of our shelter. I saw the old snacks and the dead spiders, but I left it sitting in my laundry room until we had an actual tornado warning in Chandler, OK. We were watching the news as a tornado touched down in Moore, OK. Then our satellite signal was lost. Then the sirens went off.

Of course, my hubby was giving the baby a bath when it happened. Isn’t that the way these things go? I took our 4 year old down into the shelter and told Zach we’d be there waiting. I grabbed up last year’s emergency kit and headed down with Amelia. A few minutes later Zach hands Sophie down to me, half dressed from her bath. So, what did I forget? Just about everything. We had a battery powered lantern. We had a radio that couldn’t find a signal. We had two cell phones with very little battery life. We had a couple bottles of water. We had no diapers, no snacks, and no blankets. How did I forget that these storms are caused by cold fronts hitting warm air? I’ve lived in Oklahoma my whole life. I know how tornadoes happen. Sophie’s little creeper outfit was only half on, and stayed only half on because I have not taken the time to clean out her drawers and remove the clothes that are too small. This is my shame. So, there we were, chilled and bored, and a little hungry. We also forgot to bring a bottle down for Sophie.

Luckily, Amelia thought it was great fun to be down there. Luckily, the storm passed quickly and we were up on ground level within about half an hour, safe in our warm little house.

We are expecting some severe weather sometime in the next three days. I actually got our kit stocked this morning in preparation. We have water. We have snacks. We have a blanket to sit on (hubby spilled motor oil on the floor). We have jackets. We have a change of clothes each. We have toys to play with. We have diapers and wipes. I will remember to make a bottle for Sophie as soon as I see the weathermen on tv.

I encourage my readers (the few I have out there in Blogland) to put together a quick tornado kit. Do it BEFORE you are under sever weather threat. Do it today! You can read about it on my blog from last year. Remember the things you need may differ from the things I need. Think about who will be in your shelter with you, and what they would need if you were down there for a while or if you were not able to go back home. Medications, special foods, diapers, a special toy…. You may also want a whistle. If you are stuck for a while, it could get difficult to make a lot of noise for rescue crews to find you and a whistle will help. Think about what you might do with your pets. Just get it done! TODAY!

This is us in our little shelter. It’s a horrible shade of blue. It’s like sitting in a blue, metal box. Well, it is sitting in a blue metal box.



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