Christmas is 8 Days Away?

I cannot believe that Christmas will be here in only 8 more days! We have had a very fun December with our little girls doing Elf on the Shelf and an Advent Calendar. Amelia (my 4-year-old) gets so excited each night to read her Bible verse and do her little activity. Sophie has no idea what’s going on, but she has started blowing raspberries and squealing, which is always cute.

I am finished with my shopping, but I am not yet finished wrapping. And today, I made my one-and-only handmade gift which is a fun (I hope) and slightly off-color surprise for my sister-in-law. I realize that many people are not finished, and some have not even started. Here are my ideas for last minute gifts:

Girls and Boys ages newborn to 2:
Blankets, clothes, plush baby dolls, teething toys, super easy puzzles

Girls ages 3-7:
Anything “Frozen,” board games, dolls

Boys ages 3 to 13:
One word: NERF

Teenaged Girls:
nail polish strips, funky colored nail polish, trendy jewelry, stretchy headbands

Teenaged Boys:
Sports team memorabilia or fan-wear

Adult Women:
If you have a woman in your life and you don’t yet know what to get her, you’re probably in trouble. BUT scented bath products are always a good bet.

Adult Men:
subscription to a monthly razor club, bacon flavored snacks, a good flashlight

If you are still scrambling, may the force be with you!



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