Countdown to Thanksgiving: Entertainment to Keep You Sane

I told you last week that my house is small. Because of the size and open floor plan, it can get loud when the extended family visits. All the noise tends to stress me out, so this year I am going to have a plan in place to keep my guests busy while I put the finishing touches on dinner. If you are having overnight guests, this will be especially important for kids. Keep everyone entertained and you can (hopefully) count on less stress, less kid arguments, and more enjoyment for all.

Things to keep the kids busy:


An age appropriate jigsaw puzzle can be old-fashioned fun. **I cannot believe I just called a jigsaw puzzle “old-fashioned!” If the kids are pre-school aged, several 24 piece puzzles would suffice. For kids in school, opt for a larger, more difficult puzzle that can be worked on over the course of the weekend.

Holiday themed movies. You may be used to  fine with the TV being on all day. I can’t stand it, but a little screen time is a great way to entertain kiddos. Holiday themed movies are perfect for Thanksgiving weekend, because everyone is already thinking and talking about Christmas.

Building toys like legos, mega bloks, or some other brand can keep school-aged children entertained for hours creating.

For Adults:

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Simple board games like checkers or a deck of cards can keep people busy without being too loud. A lot of people like dominoes, but I know that those pieces clinking together would just be too loud in my house and it would drive me bonkers!

Classic holiday movies like White Christmas, It’s A Wonderful Life, or Miracle on 34th street will entertain the kids, and satisfy the nostalgia of grandparents. Plus, I’m always in the mood for these movies around this time of year, but I never can seem to figure out the tv schedules, and I always miss them when they air.

In addition to entertainment, on Turkey Day, have some small snacks ready to set out to keep grazers out of  your kitchen while you are finishing up. A nice nut mix, cheese and crackers, or raw veggies are always good choices, but choose to fit your family and your guests!

Have fun, and remember to enjoy the company that is around you. It’s easy to get caught up in trying to make everything perfect, but try to let the imperfections go and just enjoy yourself. Your guests probably won’t even notice little bumps and if they do, they probably won’t mind.