Thanksgiving is Tomorrow!!

Are you ready? If not: don’t stress. If you are hosting Thanksgiving dinner in your home but it is not perfectly clean: don’t stress. If you had a list of projects you wanted to finish before Thanksgiving but didn’t: don’t stress. If you wanted a beautifully, perfectly Pottery Barn-inspired decorated home but that didn’t exactly happen: don’t stress. Wouldn’t we all love for things to go perfectly all the time? But that rarely, if ever at all, happens.

Take comfort in knowing that the loved ones you welcome into your home will not be there to evaluate the cleanliness with a white-gloved hand. They are not coming to judge your ability to decorate your table. They are coming to see you and the rest of your family/friends. They are coming to spend time with each other and with you. They are coming to enjoy a nice, warm meal and give thanks for the good things in their lives.

Don’t stress. Don’t stress. Don’t stress. Take a deep breath, prioritize what truly needs to be done and do just those tasks. Then enjoy your holiday!

Some quick tips though. Tonight, make a list of everything that needs to be done to get the meal on the table. Decide what can be done before you go to bed and get those things done now. This will make tomorrow that much easier.

Have a wonderful and blessed day tomorrow and don’t forget to post a pic of your table or turkey on Instagram #jessicaskitchentable.

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